Data Analytic

At Beatsy Computing Data analytic we do: Data collection services, its assessment and analysis, presentation and visualization and Predictive analysis.

“Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world.”

Data is created constantly, and at an ever-increasing rate. Mobile phones, social media, imaging technologies to determine a medical diagnosis-all these and more create new data, and that must be stored somewhere for some purpose. Devices and sensors automatically generate diagnostic information that needs to be stored and processed in real time. Merely keeping up with this huge influx of data is difficult, but substantially more challenging is analyzing vast amounts of it, especially when it does not conform to traditional notions of data structure, to identify meaningful patterns and extract useful information. These challenges of the data deluge present the opportunity to transform business, government, science, and everyday life.

In summary, Big Data is data whose scale, distribution, diversity, and/or timeliness require the use of new technical architectures and analytic to enable insights that unlock new sources of business value and help in decision making. Here is where Beatsy computing comes in to help you unlock new sources of business value from your data.

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